Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My past and present look

It may be too early for me to make decision ... but still I want to receive some wise comment and verdict from you all...

what should I do ??? what hairstyle should I get ....
long or short/short or long??? it already matters me ...
my mum surely wants me to have short haircut...she loves my hair to be short ever since young, same goes to my daddy... @_@ but I always insist to have my hair long... geeezzz...
You guys may say I have gone crazy, what's the wrong with me for making decision such early on getting new haircut, there's like about a month plus to go... but, but, but,.... haha... I need advices and comments from you guys to set a new plan for myself. On the other hand, I'm fully well prepared to show you umpteen pictures of mine to humiliate myself in a way put in a better way, is to refresh your eyes on seeing my various type of haircut from time to time..see how generous I am to reveal my very rare photos?? Lol ..
It's a good thing to store old pictures and make it as memories( I have tons of them)..while you look back at those pictures, it does really flash back on my growing stages that I've been gone through...any big changes?? Err.....I would say maybe a tad of changes ? terms of selecting clothes?? yay, prolly.

My mum has been asking me what haircut am I getting when I return home... geezz... my lovely mummy always concern bout me... I'm having loose curl right now. I could still remember the day I permed my hair curl was a disastrous there's once I was having like a 'cacing' curl... cried like mad.. too bad I didn't get to capture how did my hair look like, but definitely fugly. It was a glee that I got to fix it the next day after the incident. Before having the 'cacing' curl, I got my hair permed, cut and dye for free... absolute a welcoming gift for me.... thanx to those hairdresser who spotted me. I love curls but the thing is there's always a huge difference between the temporarily and the permanent one. I believe you can find out the difference.

Hang on, just to let you know that my pictures may be very shocking and not very decent.
I apologize if I ever spoil your day or watever that causes your eyes feel irritating or uneasy...

Year 2006-2007

My college time

My very retarded look...

My uni time

The Geeky Look
My super silky straight hair...

Year 2008

My super curly hair...
kinda dislike it, that was just newly permed.

A better loose curl after passing 6 months plus !!

Oopss... this was taken on christmas eve, not meant to be here.

The most recent one..

Well, those are just part of it... I dun mind revealing my ugly pictures, that's why they are here to be shown and to share my past. Some of the pictures used to put in my previous friendster account but not valid anymore. So how was it ??? Get to enjoy yea?? I'm having a dillema whether having my hair straighten or curled ? Chop it short/trim/or leave my hair even longer. Bare in mind, I'm petite in size and I dun think those super long hair suit me well... so ... how arrr?? ????


J.C. said...

You look cute with long hair I can say, especially the 14th picture of this entry, where you can find a horse behind. And having loose curl make you look different, but nice also... (seems like I'm not helping much)

But since you said you are petite in size, then I think straight, medium-length hair style suits you more. That's what I think, my opinion.

Kai Aun said...

I think the 1st pic of yours is the best...where u were still in college. Actually your recent hairstyle looks not bad too, i always think curl will bring out the more mature side of a gurl.

I personally feel you look nice in long, straight look really youthful with that hairstyle.

One more thing, keeping long hair is a girl's privilege, so do enjoy this privilege!

Anonymous said...

1 inch length cut :)

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