Monday, September 8, 2008

Bodhi Nite 2008 !!

Sir Clancy Auditorium, 30.8.2008

Bodhi Nite was organized by the Unibuds, UNSW.

I volunteered to become one of the helpers for Bodhi Nite. It's been for quite sometime I haven't involve myself in such event since secondary school. I still could remember there's once I was extremely active and vivacious in organizing clubs and society.

On that auspicious day, I was allocated to Receptionist Department, which mean I'm a Receptionist !! Surprise?? Usually I don't talk much to strangers or to those people whom I've never met before. I tend to keep silent and being shy unless I'm familiar to that person. Sometime I do have inferiority complex and interaction phobia which is very true to say. So I thought this would be a good chance of building up my self-confidence and train up myself to become a better and spontaneous talker. I thought it would be fun to learn communicating with others no matter that person is in big or small size, tall or a shortie, white or dark skin, normal or eccentric..........etc

As I've mentioned before what's Bodhi Nite about in my previous post with a poster on. Here's the link: Now, I'm going to show you guys some of these interesting photos and give you a clear picture what's going on through out the whole night. There are heaps of photos taken by couple of professional photographers. I've done my best to save the photos from them and put it up here. Seat back and spend your sweet time to enjoy !!! Let pictures do the talking ...............

Preparing and Setting up the place

The Head and Assistant of Reception Department, Ee Von and Aun.

Very nice of knowing Ee Von.
Very easy to get along with and we've been working together since morning till nite. We had great time!

With some helpers
Lucky and Me

Me, Cheng Hiang and Katy

The canon DSLR

He is my present housemate and cook as well...
Lol!! He cooks good dishes seriously.

Listing down all the books' title for distribution later.


The event officially began and crowds coming constantly

Foyer seething with excited crowds

Array of vegetarian dinner pack

Sanga from Nan Tien Temple, Wollongong.

The Receptionists

Free Books Distribution

Me on duty !!

The 600+ audiences

The Perfomers proudly present themselves ...
in choir, stage play etc..

At last, Happy 28th Anniversary to UniBuds !!

Yelling and cheering for HooRay!
The End

Well, I would say that the whole event was pretty awesome with meaningful Karma: Seeds of Tomorrow, Blossoms of Yesterday. Everything was in well-planned and went smoothly. The hard works and efforts given by volunteers and members were repaid with a successful event. Most importantly, I indeed did enjoy myself and have gained such wonderful experience. Hope I could have the chance to involve again and look forward to the next Bodhi Night 2009.


Chrono said...

aww violin girl was totally hot!!

j-love said...

oooh... so that's ure favorite type of gurl huh ?? Now I know .. haha

3POINT8 said... look familiar~~~

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