Friday, September 9, 2011

my fellow folks... I need your help

Not sure how many people are still reading this but i do really need a favor from everyone of you.

Im trying to win an interesting online competition in Australia and hope you guys/girls can help me a little bit here.. will be greatly appreciated!

Step 1- go to -
Step 2 – Key in your email (must be valid) into the text box and press “Deal”
Step 3 – Then, click on the top right corner “Sign in” drop down.Plz register.
Final step – Go back to ure email inbox and click on “Finish Your Registration” !!

DATELINE = 11 Sept (2 more days!!)

*Remember to register and activate the account if not votes will be forfeited. You may register as many email as you can (emails must be valid)

Thankiuuuuuuuuuu !!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Should or Shouldnt I ?

After a long hiatus, I'm considering if I should return to the blogsphere. I used to blog frequently and so passionate about it. To tell you guys about this and I dun lie... whenever I do blogging, it takes me hours to complete a draft as managing pictures aren't an easy task. Oh well, not too sure what have slipped thru my mind. I'm right up here in the midst of damn early morning (exactly 5.30am) and do the typing. I know it is a bit crazy. Call me a freak or watsoever.Bleh. Alright, guess I shud hit the sack now. Good morning !!! yawnnnnzzzzz

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Read the sentence of my t-shirt.
I'm like ... what ??!!
Thanx to Edwin n Jonathan.
They got me this during their vacation in U.S as my souvenir. =p

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


It's bubble time !

No more traditional way of coloring hair by sectioning your hair.
It's easy and so much fun to do it by yourself n so why not trying.

My black hair at the end root was noticeable and I felt so disheartening whenever I look at my awful, unconditioned hair. Then I decided to make a move to give my hair a new color and yeah I love the end result.

Tada... my new hair colour, marshi~ marshimallow brown !!
Aww.. sounds so yum.
(for ure info, color display may vary)

Sunday, August 15, 2010


'Smile and the world smiles back to you. Frown and the world frowns upon you'

Smile is infectious.
When u start to smile, you also make the one beside you want to smile too.
See the two monkeys below. Cute isn't it?
Did they make you smile ?

Start smiling from today onwards.
Show your heart warming smile to add life and spread sunshine to this dreary world.

Hope I manage to brighten up your day.

With love,

Friday, August 13, 2010

Perfect X Simple

I just couldnt resist myself to get more of hada labo skincare products!!

Currently I'm using the arbutin whitening lotion. Although the lotion is not as concentrated as the super hyaluronic acid moisturizing lotion but I still opt for the whitening range. The reason is I'm longing for glowing, fair complexion !

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Little sunshine

Glorious sunny days invigorate me to seek happiness and and hope.
Just another month left and I'm now all set to welcome the spring to come.
Oh florals, my florals =p

Friday, July 30, 2010

I smell cheese

Uni starts and nightmares come along too, ishhhh =(

Went shopping few days back and spotted a lovely one shoulder floral dress from Forever New. Ive been eyeing for this kind of dress for quite sometime n tot I might found my new love. Super gorgeous and the material was so soft to touch on but what amazed me was the price of the dress. It's aud 169.90!! What ? almost cost 500myr already ! Insane ! Crazy or watsoever's sooooo expensive and with much pity i have to let it go ....and that's why i took a pic of me with the dress as a remembrance. rofl =)

My first attempt to bake japanese cheesecake!! The heavenly, sensation smell of the cheeseeee make me feel so mouthwatering. Yum ... love it shooo much ...

*some new photos*

That's all for today.
Till then peeps.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Winter Recap

Oh no !! couldnt believe myself for not blogging for almost 4 months plus. I almost quit blogging. Not sure if anyone is still reading my dead blog.Oh well, I dunno how and where to start writing from .. so i guess i'll just make a recap on what ive done recently. sounds good ?

  1. Went for a vacation with the girls to Melbourne & Tasmania. Trip was indescribable awesome. Meet lotsa great people and good hospitality was offered.
  2. Spent approx. 250 aud merely on shopping spree in the last 2 months and seriously broke. Telling myself to ''tighten my belt'' on upcoming semester.
  3. Found a pair of lovely flat and bought it at the price of 30aud. Pretty expensive but it's made in brazil, so worth my penny.
  4. I was sick cat during my vacation. Had sorethroat from the very first day till the last day of the whole trip. Damn suey... couldnt talk well to anyone and now I'm almost recovered after came bek from the trip. Damn pathetic. Wth.
  5. Result just released. Not extremely good but average
  6. Heading to Newcastle on one of these days to have more fun before uni commences
  7. Revamped my wardrobe. Feel like throwing my unwanted, old clothes away.
  8. Into K-pop and K-drama, Iris. Hihly recommended!! The drama is about the powerplay between North and South Korea politicians and consist a lot of action scenes. Guys would love it. Lee Byung Hun, the actor and Kim Tae hee, the actress, both of them are smoking hawt!
  9. Gotten my very first degree in my entire life, snug snug. Yes, officially graduated from bachelor of architectural design in May 2010. Continue pursuing in master degree now, long way to suffer.
There are more to be written here but I think that's it for now. When will I be back for blogging again ??? Nah ... I have no idea. Only will update when Im free and depend on my mood as well. Last and not least, hope everyone is doing well out there.

With love,

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sat Afternoon

Im loving my new, portable laptop especially I can take picture of my ownself by using the crystal eye webbie, so much convenient. This means, I can do my blogging more frequently on my comfy bed, tuck myself under the blanket and stay away from my desk. Ooh lala.... this is what I call- relaxation.

Aih, easter break is coming soon. I dun even have a plan for myself. When come to think of the bundle loads of assignments, I'm like arghh, leave me alone but it is a fact. If I'm not mistaken, my housemate is going for a trip to somewhere else for a week. She's going to 'ditch' me alone in the house !!( just to clarify, she's a nice person) Cant blame her for that cuz I'm the one who doesnt one to tag along. Dun feel like going anywhere far. I have too much things to be settled, dammit. K la, nothing to write at the moment. Next post will be on my friend's bday celebration.

With luv,

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Strange Night

Just few minutes ago, I was cuddling my white furry seal on bed and off to sleep exactly at 12 plus. It's kinda surprising that I would sleep so early as my usual bedtime is between 2-3am. Yeah dun be shock. I no longer dragging myself up late till 4-5am but I'm pretty sure this will happen very soon, literally soon I tell ya. Well leave that aside. I was deadly tired and should be in deep, restful sleep by now, but at the same time, something really bothers me. I will not reveal what is it about. I'm just in a really weird mood and hope this will goes off soon.

With luv,

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Long Live the Blog

Woops...I see the overgrown mold in here after two months hiatus.
Initially I thought of giving up and decided not to blog anymore and seriously mean it. Heck, I'm now back to my blog and wanted to make a fresh look of my own blog by changing the blog header and new song. By giving a fresh look doesnt mean I'm going to change the template of the blog. I know black background is certainly boring since it's been here for 'n' years. Yeah I really dun give a damn for now and I'm still loving the black background.

So am I going to revive this place? Will see how it goes. I'll definitely come back here if I gained back my motivation. Chao !

With Luv,

Monday, January 11, 2010

After so long.....

Sorry my dear readers, I've been keeping you guys waiting really long for my really dated blog entries. I gotta admit I'm truly busy but spending good quality time with family and friends from day one till this seconds.

As usual, I've been up to lots of fun and tonnes of pictures were captured. There's no way that I could put it up all here. I promise to make a recap on what I've done for the past... I should really do this.

Did I mention about I had a short stopover in Singapore before flying back to Penang?Here it is the long waited entry. I love stepping down to Singapore because of its cleanliness, peaceful environment and of coz the convenient public transportation despite the congested crowds that sway in the streets.

Only few shots taken in Sg.

Illumna Shopping Complex near Bugis Street

One of my favorite hawker snacks

At Tang plaza food place

Orchard Road

I also visited the world's first night safari.

I think night safari is a wild adventure not to be missed where it holds heaps of surprises under the moonlight time. Some people would think it's boring and there's nothing much to do inside there. As for me, I did enjoy myself. It's a completely different kind of zoo that I experienced.

That's the open tram for you to ride on and they will drive u through dimly lit tracks to see the animals.

Or alternately strike yourself on thrilling walking trail. I love the part where I came to bats boundary. I didnt expect to be so real that they flew right in front of me. They nearly banged on me. Phew !!

Okie that's it for now. Hopefully, I'll continue writing blogs again.
Till then

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Busy Busy !!

Excuse for my M.I.A. I'm super lazy to blog for now. Umpteen pictures for me to upload but don't bother to resize them because my laptop has just reformatted. Sigh.. hate reinstall stuff.

I heart holidays loads. Eat, drink and sleep is just like a heaven thing for me. I would say holidays are really keeping me occupied. Good thing !! Hehe. I doubt I will be continue blogging for quite sometime unless there's a miracle found on me.

Alrighty, till then ~~!


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Hey people, as you guys know, I'm now back in Penang Island, home where I belong to. Reunite with my beloved parents, sitting at home comfortably, savour my all time favourite Penang Assam Laksa, meeting up my closest buddies and etc. It's the most damn good thing for me. What more can I ask for?

Here are the pictures I took with Ellen & Pei Ching. Ellen has already completed her master degree and flying back to HK end of the year. We are not going see each other in uni anymore but looking forward to see her in her Msia trip that she planned earlier. Girl, dun break your promise kay?

Before flying back to Penang, I had a short stopover in Singapore. I was eyeing for some new heels in Charles & Keith and coincidentally there was a sale too... but in the end I didnt get myself any pair of em. I was so confused which one to get for myself, so indecisive. Shud I feel regret or not? Fortunately there's one Charles & Keith in Penang, fair enough for me to grab a few from there. Hoping for more sales to come. During my Singapore trip, I got myself two pairs of nice short from Bugis which only cost me $10 dollar each. I think it's a steal lor. Nice shorts at fair price, quite reasonable kan? Apart from these, I also got myself a quilted shoulder bag from Topshop. By far, it's the most best buy I got for my shopping spree. I always long for a quilted bag or Chanel inspired bag- you name it. Finally the bag is in my hand now. Guess I have so much thing to write here but time is limited. Why ?? Because I'm gonna watch hk drama now.

Till then.

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