Friday, July 30, 2010

I smell cheese

Uni starts and nightmares come along too, ishhhh =(

Went shopping few days back and spotted a lovely one shoulder floral dress from Forever New. Ive been eyeing for this kind of dress for quite sometime n tot I might found my new love. Super gorgeous and the material was so soft to touch on but what amazed me was the price of the dress. It's aud 169.90!! What ? almost cost 500myr already ! Insane ! Crazy or watsoever's sooooo expensive and with much pity i have to let it go ....and that's why i took a pic of me with the dress as a remembrance. rofl =)

My first attempt to bake japanese cheesecake!! The heavenly, sensation smell of the cheeseeee make me feel so mouthwatering. Yum ... love it shooo much ...

*some new photos*

That's all for today.
Till then peeps.



Anonymous said...

Welcome back to blogging.

Anonymous said...

it would be an honor if you are able to bake one for me! =)

//summer in paris

missfragile said...

summer in paris,
i know who u r =p

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