Friday, August 13, 2010

Perfect X Simple

I just couldnt resist myself to get more of hada labo skincare products!!

Currently I'm using the arbutin whitening lotion. Although the lotion is not as concentrated as the super hyaluronic acid moisturizing lotion but I still opt for the whitening range. The reason is I'm longing for glowing, fair complexion !


Anonymous said...

yeahh, girly stuffs! very interesting, why did'nt you take some photos of the before and after effects? disappointment duh.

//summer in paris C=

Jocelyn said...

lol.i dun think there's any difference by just looking at photos. u gotta try it and feel the texture by ureself.

Anonymous said...

You trying to tell your readers how good is your complexion?? Haha

// summer in Paris..

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