Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sat Afternoon

Im loving my new, portable laptop especially I can take picture of my ownself by using the crystal eye webbie, so much convenient. This means, I can do my blogging more frequently on my comfy bed, tuck myself under the blanket and stay away from my desk. Ooh lala.... this is what I call- relaxation.

Aih, easter break is coming soon. I dun even have a plan for myself. When come to think of the bundle loads of assignments, I'm like arghh, leave me alone but it is a fact. If I'm not mistaken, my housemate is going for a trip to somewhere else for a week. She's going to 'ditch' me alone in the house !!( just to clarify, she's a nice person) Cant blame her for that cuz I'm the one who doesnt one to tag along. Dun feel like going anywhere far. I have too much things to be settled, dammit. K la, nothing to write at the moment. Next post will be on my friend's bday celebration.

With luv,


Lin9 said...

to clarify...ur beloved housemate is not going anywhere for easter break..

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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