Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Assignments Mode

Hey everyone, just to let u guys know that I will not be blogging for another week.
My finals are just around the corner...
and I will be having my history exam tmr,
no tips, no clue, nothing for me to prepare on ...
all by my own, praying so hard to my brain for working well and leading me to write a good essay, etc..
Next week I will have 3 more assignments to hand in...
see.... very hectic right???
But I will be free after 14th or maybe on the 19th of June...
it all depends..
I will be back to blog more and catch up to the most recent post.

To those ppl having their exams or finals..
wish u guys all the best..
just do bare a lil bit more ...
then will off for holidaysss very soon..
sweetkan ...
yeah ..
move on everybody !!!


1 comment:

林庭辉 said... sound like you always blog,let me remind you you are NOT..haha....

i always come your site,nothing are updated~~

anyway la, good luck to you for your exam and assignment....


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