Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bored xXxxx Dead

Okie, just another random post.
Frankly, I'm still doing my photoshop thingy for my assignment. Feeling kinda bored and dead, so I'm here to post something very 'monotonous' or maybe u can call it senseless...hmm..watever.

While browsing thru my pictures folder to get some appropriate human portraits for my photoshop images, I found one of my another collection camwhore pictures. grin** There were more of this actually.... but they are the same, having different poses and different angles.... Of coz I'm not going to put them all up here...later people would have perceived me as a strange gurl.

Let's get to the point. Pictures below were taken when I attended my parent's friend's wedding dinner. My parents kinda like these pictures and so do I. They even saved it into their mobile phone as wallpaper.....* smug smug. There's something makes me looking so different in these pictures. Able to sort that out ? Obviously is my pair of big, coloured eyes. I wouldn't have such big eyes without color lens. I always deemed that I dont have big, round eyes compared to my mum. How I wish I could have hers. Issshh..... I so damn miss my color lens right now. I should have buy it be4 I come here. Color lenses definitely make some difference. That is why nowadays, more and more girls love wearing color lenses rather than the transparent one. Why?? You could have brown, blue, green eyes ..watever colors u love to have. And, and also to look like a barbie or 'fake' Eurasian. hahaha..... anyway color lenses are still attractive to me and so obsess with it.

See... I've told u, it's such a 'mouliu' post ...

Take a much more closer look..
Can see that ??


XJ said...

colorful eyes are damn cool lah. but contact lens.....not so cool for me, how nice to be caucasian with colorful eyes and colorful hair......

林庭辉 said...

it's not mouliu at all if compare with your last post "seven word".
wasting my consolation!!!
so bad...

BTW look nice with the color lens.

Jayren said...

Hey , you look nice and cool with with the color lens. XD hehe =)

j-love said...

xj- wat to do??? we r not one of them ..

th & jayren- thanx !!

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