Monday, June 30, 2008

Home at Darling Harbour

Date : 21-22.6.08
Place : Home, Darling Harbour

Aha, time to club again. That was Mag's idea. It was the day I went to D.F.O on that afternoon... I never never expect that Mag would ask us out to club. I mean we weren't prepared yet. Couldn't blame her for that also actually. She just completed her Chinese Garden which was her last assignment and here she went ...woo hoo.. let's dress up and let's club... lalalaa. Scram all the shitty assignmentssss

Everyone of us was on holiday except for this little boy, Kyloon. He had exam on the following Mon yet he joined us for the partay... banyak gheng right .Don't see him as a laid-back person. No doubt he is a brilliant dude and not to underestimate him that he has the ability to stuff in all his notes into his nano brain. Why would I say so? He studies Nanotech, eventually he has a nano brain as well lar right...compress from everything into one.

*ps: you must be frowning and wonder am I promoting u ? HUHU !!

I love Darling Harbour this place to bits.

Pictures !!

The chio Maggie

Gee and Me

Chareli been transformed to a vampire lately

The little monster Kyloon
I know ure going to wallop me, ouch !

According to Kyloon, the dj was suckie. He's just a noob ! ... muahaha
But I dun careless, I still find the music rocks.

Maggie showing off her tongue piercing.

Oops, Missed out Mag ..
I still can see your incredible xoxo

The sexinest of her side.

My sweetie...

He posed for the camera girl.
Good job Kyloon. A potential one.

Darling Harbour as our backdrop

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