Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pizza Night

Date: 26th of March
Place: Js & Maggie's House

Pizza night!!

Maggie the good cook, prepared 2 choices of pizza. I tell ya, they were as delicious as Pizza Hut. Don't believe ? Then u gotta request from Miss Maggie to make one for ya. Manus made some roasted chicken and I was told that he usually doesn't cook at all. But well, those roasted chicken turned out to be a good one. I lurve it, the gravy is special and never tasted like this before in my real life. Seriously, I mean it lor... I didn't cook any for that night but bought a box of Turkish Delight from IGA. Haha paiseh.... at least I did contribute in the end.

Maggie and Me

She's savoring my Turkish delight ice-cream + her own wine. Nice combination ! Slurp...

We, the Archi students
Ben, Mag, Jin Soon, Rachel Bilson (oops, she's in with us),
Chareli, Lucy, Manus, Me and Andrew

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