Thursday, June 12, 2008

Out of the sudden urge

Hi everyone, suddenly I have the urge to blog. As I said be4, I will be very busy over this week. Yeah it's true but still I have something to say about today.

It was a terrible day for me. I rushed my assignments till the morning and completed at around 6-7 am. Super exhausted at that moment, face becoming pale and whole body system was running down. Aiyer... that's architecture student life. Need to think twice before u admit to this course. Good thing was I aint having zits but bad thing was I have 2 ' pairs of blackie, puffy eye bags. That was so obvious that everyone drew attention to my dark circles only. Back to the core point, After completed my drawings, I planned to take a nap before thinking points to crap for my presentation later at 2pm. Hence, I slept totally deeply till my friend called me at 11 plus. Yes, luckily he woke me up ... but uh-oh........... I fell asleep again you know. By the time I woke again was 2 plus !! Crap !! This is so shitty... first I was goin to be late for presentation, secondly I havent prepare my script. Everything was totally a mess ! I quickly wash up myself and headed to studio. But to think about it, it was not so a big deal as I could be the last presenter because the session will end at 6pm. There's like still have 3hrs plus more to go yea. I duno why my heart just beating so fast. Well that's end of my story for this morning looo...

Aih I still have 2 more assignments to go... need a lot of crapping this time ! My 'crap' doesnt mean to shit... but bullshitting instead. And now I am making lots of crap in my blog but not in my report.......... I dun have the motivation to do ler... Help !! Kill my lazybump germs ......... have to get rid of them .... cant wait to have holiday soon...... Just bare another 3 days more...then I will be set free !! Hohoho........

My section model- The Art Gallery in between 2 Heritage buildings,
concerning the sense of light and space division.
Say no to mimic. ^^

Ishhh... I miss my friends in Penang. Ying Jia and Theng successfully got into Ktar which is a good news for me. Hope that they will be doin fine in KL.

Words for Jia..

Jia.. don't go over enjoy ureself yea till neglected ure studies. I'm sure there will be lot of thrills and fun goin on and is about to begin in ure chapter of life.. trust me ! U make me wanna miss KL...arghh.... you know why ?? Cuz much more easier to spend and buy unlike here so ex! The country is leeching my $$ wth.


Date : 13-5-08
Venue : Around square and round house, UNSW.
Event : Indo Night Market

Dont really take good pictures as it was too crowded. I could see whole bunch of people only.
Blame me for being a shortie.

Got this for free !!~~~ wheeee

Bagador and Mi 'Kachuak' (god! couldnt remember what is it called ... I dun think I spell correctly but sounds like, uh-oh definitely not cockroach)

oooh... I love this.. but cost me 3 dollar for 3 little thingy. swt.....


BoggDogg said...

what do u study? i like those miniature architectural thingies.

j-love said...

I study architecture course

林庭辉 said...

arr...u scare me when u said u were late for presentation....

but the ending make me wanna kill you...haha

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