Friday, June 27, 2008

Mamak Night at Uni Syd

Date : 23.5.08
Place: Uni Sydney

I actually attended the mamak nite which organized by our uni before that. Out of my surprised, the food provided at Uni Syd was far more better compared to our uni's one. Arghh .. what a disappointment. Anyhow we could still manage to indulge in these typical Malaysian food at uni syd which only cost us for 7 dollar person. Hmmm... probably I might got the figure wrong, couldnt remember.

Let me recalled what they have on that night.. hmm... there were curry chicken, satay with peanut gravy, mi goreng, fried rice, roti canai with dahl, bandung, teh tarik and kuih. Really amazing to watch one of the guy 'tarik' the teh tricks. They even have roti jala but already finished when the time we got there. so sad....

Awh... I looked quite tired in this photo.

I couldn't believe the antique television appeared at Sheng Yu's accommodation. Can you just imagine how freaking old is his house condition? Compared to his last previous house, this is a lot better now. At least, there's no more leakage on the ceiling, creepy staircase and toilet. eeekkk.....

Sheng Yu and Xiang Jie

Xiang Jie with the magazine sack and the poser Kyloon >.<

Us with the magazine sack again...
I'm clueless that Xiang Jie kept holding the sack for the whole nite.

oops... he posed while we were not.

Finally all of us posed together in way cool pose.
Hm... but not really effective.

The final attempt! Yah, got a better one.
Best for cd cover.

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