Tuesday, October 14, 2008

An update on my mid-sem break holiday

Date: 30.9.08

Time to get back for blogging after suffering from disaster weekend. Unfortunately there are heaps to go. The usual thing....the never ending and miserable assignments and exams especially for structure & construction. Sorry to say.... I listened and learnt nuts from the lecture...I'm not sure if it's my understanding problem or his teaching problem.

Well, another two weeks delayed entry from me....geeez...and it's going to be continue like this ever I guess. And for those who know me well would have feel numb already.

During that week was my mid sem break, only a week of holidays. Had my satisfactory activities with friends right after coming back from Canberra trip. I didn't want to waste my holiday for cooping myself at home. On that particular day, went down to the city and wandering around. Liang and me had lunch at Crocodile Senior Thai Restaurant. Every of the waitress there put themselves a pink spaghetti pink top, looking very fab and seducive ... haha...

A picture with Liang
I could see he's trying hard to open his eyes wide.

Dishes that we ordered:

Soft shell crab with Thai Style

Tom Kha

Cashew Nuts Stir Fry

Shopping is my passion and window shopping is my weekly, monthly dosage. Surprisingly for the day itself, I was not a big spender. Just simply trying out new spring/summer collection clothes from every of my favorite shops. Somehow I find it taking pictures of me with every new set of outfit in fitting room is relatively a fun job. Seeing myself with various apparel can be quite interesting and enjoyable. Importantly, trying clothes is absolute free.... aWHH... finally I know what's my latest hobby/favorite past time for now.

Take 1

Take 2

Take 3

Take 4
( I like this the most. Very tight fitting, comfortable and unique material, but bit ex)

I left all these shops with empty hand. Yeah... that's my pride of the day besides buying chocolates for my friends' birthday pressie. Met up with Jee Soo, a cute, innocent looking korean friend of mine but too bad she's not fond of taking pictures, kept covering her self...so no pictures of her but only her back view.

As for the night, there was a self steamboat organized by Sheng Yu as a small gathering and also to welcome Valerine and her bf, all the way from Adelaide to Sydney for vacation. Xiang Yuan is the only vegetarian among us. As we dun really prepare many choices for vege part, he gotta brought himself vegetarian dumplings with him. All he had were only corns, cabbages and taugeh.. felt so sorry and pity for him...pls dun blame us for torturing you. I know u had fun from our teasers.

The bossy looking Xiang Yuan

Omg! Skin color contrast.

The host and the helper

And the one who knows how to fool around.
At least I did help to take off those plastics from crabstick meat just to clarify myself. hehe

We ended our night by playing 'Taboo'. The game rule is to have ure partner guess the word on the card given by not mentioning the additional five words listed on the card. Pretty interesting and fun. I felt pressured and nervous in this game, my brain could just go blank in a sudden and kept stumbling. Somehow I got addicted to this game.

The creepy, redlight uniwalk of my uni. It reminds me of the famous redlight street in Amsterdam. Don't you think so? What's it lack about is those translucent storefront. Bahaha. I couldn't figure out why they covered up those light with red plastic cover or so whatever thing it is. Luckily, it's now back to normal again.


chareli said...

take 4 looks good!

.liang.n.jo. said...

OI....saying my eyes is small la ==P

nice le taboo hahaha...it's fun with da amount of ppl we had that day....

hmmm...wasnt shopping or window shopping already ur fav past time? ==D

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