Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dinner with Housemate

Date: 17.10.08
Place: Danny's Seafood, La Perouse

A short update on my dinner with my dear housemate. He will be going off to Canberra very soon for working purpose. Initially I wanted to treat this dinner to thanx him for being a very considerate and helpful housemate. It's hard to get a good housemate just like him, very appreciate that.... somehow he treated me in return. The cashier wouldn't want to accept my card!!! That's so mean to me.... grrr.... my mission failed ~~!

Cold & Hot Seafood Platter
(45 dollars per head)

Take Care & I'll see you next year !!


Spectre said...

"cashier wouldn't want to accept my card!' THEN you can still pay by cash right? XD

missfragile said...

i dun have enuf cash >.<

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