Thursday, August 28, 2008


Date: 24.8.08
Place: Streets along Randwick & City

This was my first time to accomplish postering job and it's all about Bodhi Nite poster. Promised Ronny that I would help him and got him 2 other friends, Chong Wee and Yoke Heng to tag along too. They are my coursemates. I reckon sometimes postering job can be quite tough. In what sense? First, you must have that courage to face those people who permit or allow you to put the poster in their shops or restaurant. You'll never know some people are quite fury or maybe sensitive towards this thing and ended up shooing you away... haha.. So embarrassing right?? If it happened. Secondly, you gotta consider which is the best place to put up the poster but not at those prohibited area. Since, the poster is about Buddhist thingy, Ronny advised me it is a must to put up in Thai restaurant. As we all know, most of Thai people belief in Buddha and they are sincere and faithful to their own religion. Thirdly, put up a smile on face and saying a 'Thanx' are essential. No doubt people would love to see a sweet smiling face person rather than a frown one right? After leaving Randwick to city, we didn't do much of postering job. We all were attracted to shops around and ended up doing window shopping instead. Haha... afterall , we felt happy that postering job can be quite beneficial where we got to enjoy shopping on the other hand. Is it what we call as kill two birds with one stone??

Lunch at Thai Restaurant
( I wonder why Thai food always serve in very, very super small portion and pricey in here...duh...I miss going Thailand!!)

Pictures Time !!

Yoke Heng -Yuki

Chong Wee- Wee Wee

Ronny from Indo
Finally me!

Our food......

Vege stir fried with Cashew Nuts

Tom Yum

Greey Curry Chicken

They pose in front of Dark Knight

We pose in front of Wall-E ...

Till then ........

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