Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Miss Jiong Jiong

Gaws I missed out this ...
suppose to put this up on 15.8.08
not forgetting to post her and my pic up here .. hehehe...^^

Wishing u a happy sweet 20th birthday,
Miss Jiong Jiong !!!

I miss ure laughter!! I miss taking picture with u!! I miss hanging out with u!!
I miss u loads.......... I want to come back to meet u laaaa...
sigh .... still cannot ... have to wait for another 3 months plus from now.

Pictures taken in year 2007

Us at Chill Out

Us at QE2.
(still remember u requested me to put the tiara on ure head?? haha ... I know you love it to bits , hehe )


Anonymous said...

:D Like that Feedjit thingy on your blog. Too bad not supported on Wordpress.

j-love said...

Feedjit thingy is irrelavant with my current post ler...sweat ~~

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