Monday, March 3, 2008


The O-week started off this week, the week that I looked forward to. I woke up early in the morning and attended Built Environment Faculty welcome. Walking through the main entrance, I could see booths set up by the side. Students volunteers, also known as the Arc yellowshirts offered help and giving out Blitz in front of the entrance. There were also few of the students standing along the long hallway promoting their clubs especially Christian club. Sorry to say, I'm always afraid to be approached by them and always wanted to avoid. I just walked straight, not looking at them and not even a glance.

By then I reached at Law Building, heaps of students were in the lecture hall already. I couldnt get a place to sit as I arrived late. But of course there were still many of them like me standing along the lecture hallway. While the Dean of FBE giving his speech, I was trying to observe the people around. I could see there were numbers of Asian student compared to my previous Uni.Well to me, they really looked like those very brilliant students and 'keng chao' that kind. Start to worry tho T_T

Then later on I met up with few of my friends, Hong Gee, Xiang Jie, Kyloon and the others to find out what they offer at those booths. Some booths gave out freebies come with bags ,pens , pamphlet and etc after signing up with them for free. Well some others need to pay for the membership fees which is extremely expensive. True to say, I really couldnt afford to pay for that amount.

It was an auspicious day but a very hot sunny day. I couldnt bare of this strong UV sunlight attacking on my skin. It's burning hot!!! So not to think twice, I used my umbrella, ki chakkk.... and came to realize that I was the only person using umbrella in the whole uni. I felt quite embarrassing to do so but ................ I'm not going to get tan anymore ! ...

Check out this free drinks !!
(I found it quite interesting)

Long queue of waiting for free BBQ lunch

Gee Gee

Me and Serene, my housemate

Speed Dating?? ...

Free Blue Fairy Floss

Xiang Jie posting for his fairy floss

Free Hip Hop Dance Class
(all asian!!! weird......)

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