Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve Celebration
Date: 24.12.2007
(4 months before from now .. bahaha)
Venue: Crepe Cottage ; Gurney Drive, Penang.

On Christmas Eve, we made reservation at Crepe Cottage which located along Gurney Drive. Try to spot the small house decorated with small yellow lights, it's near to the 77 Fish Head Curry Restaurant.

The crepes is so delicious that will tempt u so much if ure a dessert lover. All of us like the 'Mango Cup'. U gotta try out!!! It's my recommendation. I can vouch you it will never disappoint you and 9 bucks for a plate is worthy. But the bad point for this crepe cottage is to put a person on patience. You must have your lunch or dinner before you approach. Because ......... because ............ you have to wait for an hour to be served. They only have one main cook. But I still dun understand why is dat, it takes so long to prepare a dish while they have 4 to 5 person as assistant to cut the fruits and so on...

---Us at Crepe Cottage---



---At G-Hotel---

---Scene at Gurney Drive---

I've promised myself not to use the snowy spray this year. Those snowy spray really make me sick !! Hate the toxic gas that makes me suffocate. Not merely that, those spray makes one looks awful on these sticky fluid. I suppose you want to dress up nicely on this day and not to mess up yourself in the public place. Hell ya people out there, you're eligible to use these stuff but not throwing the cans into the sea. I saw thousands of empty cans spray floating on gurney drive's sea water. That's terribly bad that we've ruined the beauty of Penang and destroying aquatic life. Please save the environment people !! I didn't mean to offend, it's just my thought.

End of Christmas Eve.........

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林庭辉 said...

how come your Christmas Eve come so early ?

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