Sunday, March 16, 2008

My leaving day

Date: 14.2.2008
Venue: Penang Airport

Supposely, I'm not leaving on this day !!! and not that soon !! But something happened just in a sudden and out of my expectation, which caused me gotta to leave on this day.

I'll tell you why did it happen so. The day before I stayed overnight with Jas, Wei Jie and WeiLiang at another condo of mine. This was Jiong's idea but turned out to be she couldn't make it for that night. On that night itself, Jas and I watched couple of movies--Blonde Ambition, Bratz Girl ..... and we nearly fell asleep. By the time our eyes were half closed and goin to lie down on the sofa, Wei Jie and WeiLiang came ba'ck home from a 'fun night'. Then we listened to them what they've done for the night till late.

The next morning, I woke up early and heated hokkien mee as our breakfast which bought by Wei Jie. Once everyone woke up, we continued watching movies and here comes I received a call from my mum. Not thinking twice, I just picked up. Happened to be, she told me that I need to leave on this evening for some reasons bout flight bookings. My tears just burst out !! I couldn't control my tears of keeping running down. How could this happen to me when I was not prepared at all. My clothes, my stuff, my everything were not properly packed. I was just feeling so sad and disappointed. I felt disappointed because I had a plan on this day. It's a Valentine's day. I've planned to celebrate this day with my closest friends. We were actually thinking of having a formal dinner by our own. But a call just happened to ruined everything!!.....Seriously I was hoping so much to celebrate as I never had a proper Valentine's day celebration before. Argh such a disappointment. Everything has to be ended that night.

By then, I quickly informed all of my friends that plan has canceled because I'm leaving so soon...True enough, they dun expect that I gotta leave in a sudden. Sorry my dear friends...
On the other side, I felt touched and contented that my friends wanted to send me off. They are so sweet !! I apologized to those couple for delaying their initial plan.

*p/s: Thanx Hun Seang for calling me from Australia to tell me to have a safe flight and all the best in everything.


Finally, I've got a rose from the guys ...!! .....

A tinge of sweetness !!

Thanx for being so thoughtful

I brought the rose over to Australia which is like traveling thousand miles away.
The rose must be the lucky one.

Goodbye my dearest friends...
I heart you guys....
Bundle of sweet memories and fun
will never be forgotten

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