Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Mardi Gras 08‘

Date: 1.3.2008
Venue: Liverpool St, Sydney

Woohoo... finally I got the chance to watch Mardi Grass and it's 30th Anniversary this year. What is Mardi Gras? Mardi Gras is actually an organization that runs the Sydney Gay and Lesbian. They've got fully support from most of the people, well known companies like Ikea and etc. So yea, suppose to be no discrimination at all and should have given them a chance to be themselves. This event falls on the 1st of March every year. So guys, if you happened to come down Sydney, it's a worthwhile to participate in this event.

Such a way to inform you or warnings, there will be few obscene pictures that I've taken below. And of coz you might see some people dressed up strangely, with no tops, heavy gross make up, wigs, men with heels and skirts and even with only a pantie. So dun get terrify, it's their special day to stand out. Enjoy ^^

*p/s: They actually distributed freebies on the day. And at this particular time, everyone seemed to snatch for the gift which looked like candies. They're not candies but condoms. I tell you, there's something so interesting on these condoms. You know what, on the packet of condom, it printed there, Made in Malaysia. Strange....!!! Don't you think everything must have Made in Australia as I'm already in Ozy. I mean, it's just a small thing and why must have used Malaysia product for these....?? Sweat!! I eventually got some of them but have thrown away. Certainly not keeping one for myself. It's a no-no thingy.


'Sydney Spokes'


Sexy legs with web leggings.
Like to see the way he walks,
he can really do a nice cat-walk.


Can u notice these 2 men were wearing red high heels
and hmm... with shorts or no shorts?
I have no idea.


They were from Thailand and represented their cities.

Even, Catholic supports gays and lesbians..


Guess what?!
They were security guards,
but a mixture of seductive and macho one.


Here come my favorite ones
Gimme Gimme More ~~
Yeah it's Britney Spears !!

I have uncountable pictures on Mardi Gras and even clear videos too but I've picked the interesting ones to post here. So that's all about it. Till then ~~

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Anonymous said...

because Malaysia is a latex producing country!Return everything to your Geography teacher d?haha

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