Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lil time to chill out

Guess what, my brain isnt working good right now and totally blank of not knowing how to draw the parti and poche diagrams. Bet u guys never come across these, it's architecture stuff. These 2 words really freak me out. I dun understand what are those about .... I'll just try my very best to sort it out no matter what ....

meanwhile, I was trying out this speed test. I got it from my friend's blog and found it pretty cool to type words as fast as possible in a minute. At first I was not familiar of how it works... after my few attempts, see what I've got ~~

59 words


Try it out, beat my record if you can.

oh yea, just like to inform that I wont be blogging constantly due to my freshie work loads. I have so many new things to learn, new uni environment to adapt, arghh...........stress out ..>.<
Hope I can do better. Till then.


Chrono said...

haha I got like 60 , can't believe still ranked so slow.....

j-love said...

muahahha.... i'm goin to try harder to beat your score..

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