Thursday, June 28, 2007

Exam month is over ~

I've made a CANBURY chocolate swirl cake !! Was too happy and excited to make a very first cake in mua life althou it's just from a packet. But at least I have to add eggs, milk , magerin and other stuffs.



Finally !!!
Chocolate Icing on t
he top

Amitha's Efforts

Chapati and Curry Yummmy..................Thumbs Up !!

We gone crazy at night .......celebrating our very own exam fever celebration. Hooray!! 4 candles for the 4 vain gurls.

Blowing the candles

Cheers >....


While Mitha and me were to dump the rubbish, we thought of an idea "why not take picture in the middle of the night?" Yeap, once again we gone really vain again at 1 am. It's windy !! We were freezing all the way.

Middle of the road

Oops, we were reading newspaper in the dark.


Our car ??!shhh


End of the night! Good morning instead.

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