Saturday, June 2, 2007

The Luckiest Person-Ben

Firstly, everyone should give him the most greatest applause. Why ? And who is he ?
He is my official so called son. Haha, he calls me mummy most of the time and who's his dad ? Currently do no have any yet.^^ Anyway congratulation to him that he just received full scholarship from sime darby company. He will be goin to Uni of Melbourne in the early of July. Dont u think dat's so cool ??!! Thumps up dude. Hopefully ure willing to fly to newcastle to meet me up and no other purpose. Haha, U know what I meant. Well, well, guess I will have big chance of meeting u up in Mel in next year. Remember to find me a free accommodation. Thank u first. Sincerely wish u All da best, Ben !!

1 comment:

zWei said...

Ben looks funny in this pic!innocent..Lol
I'm sure he will go visit u in Newcastle..with OTHER PURPOSE!Lol xD
Cannot say he's lucky also ler as he was really tried hard n putting all his efforts in the interviews..
as it goes..'opportunity comes to those who prepared'..goodluck in yur future,Ben!

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