Tuesday, June 5, 2007

A Video Speaks Thousand of Words

I'd like to dedicate this video to my Penang hometown's friends. Desperately missing them so much. Thought back of the past...reminds me the day we went to school, to the same class, school activites, out for breaktime etc .... heaps of happening events surrounded us. And also for the guys, get to know such wonderful and fun loving friends. Every special occasion like christmas eve, new year eve, we got to hang out together but sometimes likely a bit 'steaming'. And and and, u guys' action were too slow like tortoise(walk too slow). This is what we always complaining about. No offence aite?! Anyway enjoy the video, do appreciate my efforts.*grins


Jas said...

thanks for the video.it makes me remember those days we at school.all the memories flow on my mind instantly.so miss those days.i want to share with u a song which is quite nice.rmb notice da lyrics too.hope u like it.enjoy~

j-love said...

Nice song and touched.
We had conflict at one time....
never hear from u for some time
how r u ?
but I dun mind anymore, what I want is the jaz that I first time met her
miss u

j-love said...

seriously it really touched...
guess what happen when I listen to lyrics?? Just guess .. T_T

jas said...

yea..it's really a nice song
touch my heart too when I read the lyrics
hmm..u drop tears?
me these days busy watched the korean drama series--Spring Waltz
very nice...try to watch it and see
i'm fine..but not dat good also
so how is ur study?when is ur exam?
wish u good luck n all the best ya..
rmb wear more clothes and take care urself..winter now rite?so good..can c da snow n go snowboarding also..

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