Friday, June 15, 2007

To charlestown

Made an appointment with Aaron to have lunch in Jesmond on Thursday (7th). Every Thursday in Australia is meant to be 'shopping day'. Business will operate till late night, around 9pm instead of 5pm. We went to Peking House to have set lunch and some dim sum as well.


Me, obviously

This is the place where we usually have our groceries and stalk up food.

We headed to Charlestown later on. We were totally so free to go shopping while everyone is so busy preparing their exam !! Charlestown mall can be said is the biggest mall of them all in Newcastle. Sadly to say, it's kinda small to me and depressing. Haha. Yea, Newcastle is just a suburb of New South Wales and also the outskirt of Sydney. Not a big city but small !! So, not putting high hopes of getting a huge shopping mall over here. The main reason is getting a nice environment for studies, isnt it? Nah, just to convince myself ......

The interior of the mall

I like the trees behind !!

Oh, there's one thing. I bought one cardigan and a belt from Supre. Finally I've bought something nice from there and just hoping to get their bag as most of the gurls would own one. Silly me... but I'm fond of it.

Tada ..................!!!!


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