Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dust Storm Chokes Sydney ?

The wind started to blow since yesterday late night. I never seemed to bother it because I thought it was just another ordinary strong wind that it happens all time in Sydney.

I received a message from my friend this morning, and advised me to wear a mask if I were to go out. I asked him why ? He said there is a strong wind collecting dust and soil from Western Australia.

I checked out the online news and came to know about it. Lots of picture showing Sydney and Hunter Region were blanketed of a wall of red dust. The Health officials also claimed that the city's pollution is the worst in 70 years and causing a major health alert. This may continue for three more days :(

My friend said it was quite serious this morning and another friend of mine said that she basically been eating dust for the whole day, probably had a spoonful of dust. I dun believe it at first until I saw a layer of red dust near to my room window and kitchen window as well. Hmmph... too bad I woke up late, missed out the chance to watch the dust storm turned Sydney a dramatic red. Remembered the last time I experienced was the surreal tragedy of hailstorm two years ago.

Like Armageddon isnt it ?

Image credit: the star online

Image credit: Yong Khing. Stole this picture from him .. hehe
He took this at his house early in the morning.


Jocelyn.L said...

omg take care love!

Aurora said...

OMG!!!must take care there :)

missfragile said...

thanx girls ~!!

CANDSS2U said...

Remember must wear mask before u going out.
Take care ^ ^

Spectre said...

WAH that one mean Red looking dust storm ..... So I assume u r staying indoor now?

日月神教-任我行 said...


Anonymous said...

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