Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bit n' Pieces

Oh well I dunno how to categorize all the left over pictures and so I shall name all these as bit n pieces of memories in Surfers Pardise. Sounds good ?

Hard Rock Cafe @ Surfers Paradise

I was so tempted to buy the t-shirt but........ I left the shop with nothing >.<

Dinner @ Korean Restaurant

Streets of Surfers Paradise

Dinner @ Korean Restaurant Again..

The Haunted House

The Day We Went Shopping

And I'm in love with this place, Harbour Town

Got myself some really good deal stuffs like Polo, Calvin Klein, Portsman and etc..buy with no regret. I really, really wish I could go there again, only Harbour Town!!

Pizza For Dinner

My consolations (only part of it) during my winter break.
I'm so obsess with shopping recently and I need more cash $$. Could anyone tell me if there's any 'money tree' around? Hehe..

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CANDSS2U said...

Wow.. so many trophy..Great^^

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