Monday, November 26, 2007

New camera~

My dad was searching a suitable camera for me as I always wanted to have an anti-shake cam. Shaky hands will ruin the perfectness of a picture, I dun like it. Thanx to my dad of looking up on those new cameras in the market right now. So, he made his choice of buying me Sony T2 also known as album T. We bought it from gurney camera fair. As you can see, this camera is advertised by Rynn ( Lin Yu Zhong), a well known mandarin singer/actor. The camera has 4gb built in memory, and you can add a memory stick alternatively. Huge memory right? Gonna take lots and lots of picture. Another feature that I like of this camera is, you can edit pictures by putting stamps or add in some effects straightaway instead of transfering pictures to adobe photoshop. It's just a simple way to edit your picture, isnt it so cool ~? I'm so gonna love the hot pink color of the camera, place it in my hello kitty pouch. I must be mad. Bye bye my minolta, but I will still use it occasionally~

Sony Cyber-shot T2


Anonymous said... packing is so nice~i like it~hehe

yingjia said...

arghh~ i wan too...~

j-love said...

ask your bf to give u one ~~ bleh

yingjia said...

huh......too hard, i get it myself faster kut..

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