Sunday, November 25, 2007

Dinner with buddies

Venue : Lok Lok, New World Park
Date: 21st of November

Ying Nee, Yin Jiong, Su Min and Ying Jia

The next few posts will be short... too much to write about but will upload pictures. Yeah, I've been enjoying past few weeks. Very great spending my holidays and really appreciate the time I hang out with my buddies. They're real sweet, able to spare sometime with me. I dun feel like going back to australia. I'd love to stay back here... but that is impossible. I wonder how will it be in next few years. Everyone will be leaving here and pursue their dreams in another new place. However, I truely treasure the moments we spent together.

It's better to eat 'lok lok' at those small stalls or hawker. The 'lok lok' at this shop served in small portion and expensive, not worth it at all.

After dinner, we went somewhere near to MoMoe and Glo. We just walked around and took some glances on those shops. Bout 20 mins later, we headed to Coffee Bean at Gurney Plaza. It's a nice place to hang out with frens Chill ourselves with ice blended coffee and fruity gases drinks while gossiping and flashback our memories back in primary and secondary school. Strange thing happened to us that actually part of us were always never close to each other. And you'll see today, we never know that we can be good friends.

I heart them!!


Jas said...

Wow..lok lok
me very long time didn't eat already..
wait me wait me...i'm gonna finish my exam very soon..
still left 4 more papers to go..
one more weeks to go..
den i'll be able to hang out and spend time with u all...
miss u all.......^^

j-love said...

it's fast huh ..
after next week u will be free, cant wait for u all !!!

Anonymous said...

feel free to visit my blog ya..hehe..

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