Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Apple Store + Lani's birthday

Date : 24.6.08
Place: Apple Store, George St + Pancakes on the rock, Darling Harbour

There's one apple retail store newly opened on 19.6.08 in Sdy, Aus. They eventually gave out free tees on that particular day, unfortunately I didn't go. After waited for the rest to finish their exams, we made a plan to explore the shopfront. When I first saw at its full glass facade, I was stunned and amused. The building is performed in full road closure of George Street. As you move forward to the entrance, a massive apple logo is suspended in the middle and facing out of the transparent glass. Isn't it so amazing ??

Day View

Night View

Me and the Apple Store

Transparent glass staircases connect 3 levels

Lani's Birthday

Attended Lani's birthday at Pancakes on the rock. Yeah, got to go
Darling Harbour once again. You guys must be wondering that, wont I feel tedious of going to the same old place so frequently? Nehhh...of coz not. There are still more nice restaurants and coffee shops that I have not explore yet.

Look at the whole view.

Just another random shot of Sydney Convention Centre

Pictures of Lani's Birthday

Sophia, me and Gee

Darren and Ju Bee.
They sat so far away.

Her birthday cake.

Me and my sweetie

The Ultimate.
Ahh.. so sorry that I've ruined the whole crepe before taking down a good shot. But anyhow they tasted so good !!

Happy Birthday to Her !!

The girls and the birthday gurl.

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