Saturday, July 5, 2008

My dishes

Warning !! This entry gonna make ure stomach start growling ......

It's all about my cooks lately... not a very good one .. but satisfy enough. grin*
I made hokkien me, taufu fa and mango dessert. I tell ya, they are all edible and it's so true that tasted so good, so yum. K la....I admit that I dun have the talent to cook hokkien mee.... I used packet one .. haha ... but i added prawn heads to preserve in the soup to get a better rich taste. Heck, it tasted just like the hokkien mee soup in Penang. I felt so ecstatic in a way.

Hokkien Mee
What bout taufu fa? Errr... yes as I said it's edible but... the texture was a bit powdery.. not too good. Bit disappointed thou but at least I got to buy real nice taufufa at hmm some place which I've forgotten.

Taufu fa

Lastly the mango dessert . Aha... I love it to bits... what a dainty dessert I had from myself. I got the recipe from the net, and tried to make it with Gee . It was kinda hard to find fresh mangoes around in this season. I dunno why. So instead of using fresh mangoes, I used the can type one==. I told my mum how good the mango sago dessert was, and she jotted down the recipe from me. A day later, my dad told me that he was real satisfied with the dessert. hehe. u gotta believe.

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