Saturday, April 12, 2008

My New Year Eve 2007

Again lack updates !!! What to do?? ... I'm so so busy over my work and caused me feeling so hatred ....especially the model below that I've made. It took me 4 days non stop working on the model and stayed overnight tiill 7 in the morning, while the others already in their wonderland. It was totally a torture especially my eyes. Getting darker and darker ady larrrrrrrr. It's a fact that everyone call me Miss Panda. No wonder people would say architecture resemblance Architorture..... see it really fits and make sense right??
Really time consuming to make this without my team mate's help. I've been complaining bout my irresponsible team mate to almost everyone ... becoz I seriously can't take it anymore and get on my nerve too soon. Fortunately, it's not a too big model which I could complete by my own and... of coz having a good time management haha... not trying to compliment myself kay..

My completed model- Mother's House

New Year Eve 2007

We had tom yum steamboat

Karaoke Session

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林庭辉 said... study "Architorture" also ah? my ex also study that in melbourne U, but she graduated working at australia,i dunno which part of it...haha..she never want to tell me.

this subject really busy la, my ex had a very tough time while studying archi...

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