Monday, October 19, 2009

Qim Yi's Burpday

This was sometime ago. It's on Qim Yi's birthday in September . A well-planned dinner organized by the birthday boy's peeps. Pictures below credited to Lai who took lotsa nice pictures on the day itself.

Well, dun be surpise that I bring up old pictures into my blog. Not much things happen to me lately. Not as happening as before because it's getting nearer to my design final which is a nightmare. Bless me. I'm now counting the days to fly back home. Never fail to dream of home scene which is kinda strange. Guess, I'm missing home so deperately.


Arnold said...

XD! Someone showed me your blog... the best part of your post is that you put my name as Nai~ XD!

Btw, nice blog~

Anonymous said...

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