Sunday, July 26, 2009

Vivid Sydney

It's all about 'June'.

Yay ! I'm glad that I've found a much better sushi restaurant compared to Makoto. They serve more varieties and one more thing.... I'm so in love of Green Tea Latte. Dun't get me wrong. The drink does not contain any caffeine but mainly blended green tea with green tea ice-cream. Yum!!
It's so irresistible, so addictive ... I want more ....

Sushi @ Makoto

Smart Light

Vivid Sydney

Well.. most of my friends were greatly filled with disappointment as those lights are not that impressive, couldn't really wow us at all.

What do u think ??
Trust me, pictures may be deceiving.

For further information: Vivid Sydney

So what's next to kill time ??

Karaoke Session

Hopefully I will update more frequent.
Stay tune ~

Recent updates:
Gah... life has been good but no more after today. That's what I told one of my friend just now in msn. Couldn't believe uni officially starts tomorrow, and I have yet prepare myself to uni... I wouldn't want to imagine the pile of workloads stacking up on me. Breathless man !! What to do? It is the same for everyone. Life still has to move on .... aza, aza. Wish me luck then.


Jayren Hann Yaw said...

Good luck and all the best in your new semester then ! =)

Anonymous said...

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