Monday, July 27, 2009

A fun day out

Not to mention, it was another overdue post.
Kindly bare with lazy people ... keke...

Those 3 pictures below were taken on Wesak day ( May). My very first time to experience such celebration in Sydney. It was a grand one. I could see people dressed in all kinds of costume for the celebration purposes. That reminds me of the Wesak parade back in Penang. Owh I miss it so much where I used to bring out my stool, placed it at the pavement and watched the parade with excitement.

Sydney Fish Market

Lindt Cafe, Darling Harbour

Heard about Lindt Swiss Tradition Chocolate? I think they do sell in the mall.. go grab it and give it a try.

(ps: su min, this is for you)

More to come ... provided I'm free enough.


h* said...

this place is so cool.
me luv the dessert!!

Anonymous said...

Eh! I want my photos credited please!

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