Friday, November 21, 2008

Hoyts Cinema+Kingsford

Date: 11.4.08
Place: Hotys Cinema + Kingsford

Another delayed post. This was about my another outing with archi coursemates after we've done with our design crit few days later. Apparently, willy informed bout the getting a free ticket from Hotys Cinema to watch any movie that you like by signing up as a member. Without any hesitation, all of us quickly sign up as one before the promotion expired. We decided to watch Eagle Eye at the end. To our surprise, we found no one in the cinema except 4 of us and one lonesome white guy sitting way in front of us. We took this opportunity to take pictures and make fun around since there's no one.

I got myself a white cami tank top which I long for quite sometime to match with my brown belt and it just only cost for 10 dollars. After wandering around the city, we came back to our usual place to try out the newly opened bakery shop, 85 degree which was once my favourite cake shop. They had this promotion where you need to purchase a drink to get a free slice of cake. So why not give it a try since everyone willing to wait in long queue just because of that.

That's the end of the day ...
till then ~~

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