Thursday, February 28, 2008

New update

It's been awhile I have not update my blog.....millions of sorry to everyone. You guys must be wondering what have I done for all this while. Since I was back to Penang from Australia, I spent most of my time with buddies only of not doing something really meaningful like hmp...reading books to gain knowledge??!! Not even one book seriously. I have tons of pictures of my friends and I, will post it up sooner when I get a high speed internet connection. Currently my internet connection is totally SUCK!! No better than Malaysia..

I realized that I do have some loyal readers huh .... oh well before that I've changed my blog url from missj-fragile.blogspot to missj-fragile7.blogspot . I dunwan it to be changed due to some reasons. As you can see from the previous blog url, you will find a very weird title ' POOR CREDIT COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE LOAN'

wth .... who's this idiot taken up my url for no reason... and for his/her rubbish blog??!! So mad over it. I miss my previous url, by just adding a 7 behind looks hmm... so not nice to me. Yes I know I'm fussy... wat to do ....~~~ okie.... back to bout my loyal readers. After my blog url has changed recently, some of them came to me and asked what happen to my blog and stuff. There's a question went into my head. I was thinking I have not been blogging since dec till now. Yet there are people still click into my blog and take a good look. I must be disappointed them so much....looking at this empty blog day by day.... must be suffering huh (haha, just joking)

To update you, I actually did my credit transfer from Uni of Newcastle to Uni of New South Wales..So you would ask me will I miss those days in Newcastle?? Hmm... I would say a Yes. Come to think of the bushy, quiet, peaceful environment, sometimes it feels good to stay at this kind of environment. And also of those friendly lecturer. I appreciate them of giving me good grades, I'm not sure I will able to cope well in UNSW. Uhh....and and yea my friends. Really have to thank them being so supportive and nice to me. They are the one who offer me help whenever I were in trouble.

So now I'm New South Wales, not a very strange place for me anymore but a place for me to discover more. Everything has settled of my enrollment stuff and accommodation. And now I'm looking forward to O-week which means orientation week from 3rd of March to 7th of March. Eventually I missed out my orientation week in Newcastle. So hopefully I will be able to feel the excitements and thrills.

Pictures of my new Uni
(taken in last year)

Gotta stop here. I promise to update those times when I were in Penang. Family and friends were good, lovely memories to me.

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