Friday, February 29, 2008

8.11.07 Hatyai Trip

Date: 8.11.07
Place: Hatyai, Thailand

For those who never aware of where is Hatyai, I'm going to show you how is the place look like. It's located in Thailand, not a very big city. It takes bout 3 hours from Penang to reach there. I travel there since I was a baby till now. It's not far to travel afterall and a very pleasant place to relax. I'm not going to elaborate more on I have so much more pictures to post for the next.

Swenson Ice-Cream Parlour
(Mini Chocolate Fondue)

Thai Steamboat

Thai Laksa Stall
(one of my favorite Thai food, a must to try)

Massage Room

Typical Thai Food
(from KanEng restaurant)

Pictures taken from Novotel Hotel

Fried Oyster
(from hawker stall)

Night life in City

Thai Style Steam Fish
(one of my favorite too)

A senseless bird flied pass my cam while I was trying to take picture

My cute Kakak

Fish Maw

Pad Thai Noodle

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