Sunday, October 28, 2007

tee hee..... It's Wen Jean's Birthday !!

It's Wen Jean's Birthday---28/10/07!! We decided to bake a raspberry swirl cake for her. Ru came over... and the piggies were still sleeping, so they did turn up at that time. Ru was so excited to bake the cake from the way she looked.

From here you can see it still looks good.

But it looked awful after baking. Ru was busy spreading the icing on top on the cake.

Finally 2 piggies arrived. Ru took a picture of us however she's not in....

Surprise ?!!! Jean, U looked blurry's like we popped in front of u out of no where. HAhakz..

It's a very instance post... see I dun blog the other post but wrote this blog specially for u. Today it's ure birthday and I know u must be busy doing your report. Work hard dear ~~ !!
happY bIRTHdaY !!!

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