Friday, October 12, 2007

The Birthday Boy 12/10

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to 'xiao cao'
Happy birthday to you!!

Still remember the birthday song I sang to u over the phone!!?? U better appreciate it ... I'm losing credit. hahakz...

Oh well, just flashback how I know u for all this while and the days we always hang out together wiv the others. We've been celebrating those big occasions together like christmas eve, new year eve most of the year. Most of the time we will never miss the boat of hanging out together. Nevertherless it's just a movie day, shopping day or a day for us to reunite, I believe we guys were spending great times, arite?

Seriously, I'm glad to know you as well as the others. Till now we do still keep in touch althou we are far apart. You've been updating me bout the girls and guys, telling me how are they doin, whether becoming 'out of shape' or looking fab and etc. Not to mention, you always send me the latest songs and this is how I'm always updated from time to time.
Thanx heaps, Zhi Wei ! Frienship 4eva..
I'll be meeting you guys back on the 3rd of Nov. Wait for me ! >.<
The picture was taken in the year of 2006 at ebase concept store.

May all your dreamz come true
and all da bez in your final examination
and pursue to your dream university!

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Anonymous said...

nice post!Lol...=p

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