Thursday, August 16, 2007

City Campus Exhibition

Attended the city campus exhibition which held in the Newcastle Region Library, Lovett Gallery. It's crowded over there and never expect it would be so many people. The people there too tall, so gigantic, always blocking my view, can't see anything but only people.

The exhibition started with some speakers by the Councillors of Newcastle City Council and Vice Chancellor of University of Newcastle. It's great to see all the lecturers and tutors were there. As well as those 1st year to 5th year students.

I was really fascinated to those 4th year student's work. They really put much efforts and time on modelling, making models and presentations. I know these will really take up much time to work on. Each element of the building was so detail, and it did impressed me. I wonder will I be one of them one day ? Hard to say ler.. I think I dun really can take it. Sigh ~~

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