Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Again and again

Every post of mine is not the latest. It can be 3 weeks or maybe one month later. Just bare with me. Well, went to Sydney again before uni reopens (14.7.2007-15.7.2007). Okie I realize I always go down there often. You know without $ is hardly to travel far away. Can be counted grateful enough, at least is Sydney, cheapest trip to go.

First destination was in China Town. Not to slip the chance of eating chinese food. They served in quantity. Quality? I wont grumble, at least able to satisfy and fill up my stomache, remembering the taste of the past.

Till dawn, we went to Darling Harbour. I got to explore the casino behind those buidings. Unfortunately I did not bring my passport along. So there is no proof allow me to access. Sad case.

The beautiful fountain.

Had our dinner at one of the korean/japanese restaurant in Lyric Building. The buffet costs us $15. Hmm.... it's a lil expensive, but still worth it, get to eat salmons.

Wah.....for ages I've not been to KTV. Really, really miss those times whenever feeling 'syok' , will gather bunch of friends head to Red box at the most cheapest price. Then now, need to pay $ 30 for 4 person within 1 1/2 hr only. Ex or not ? I duno ~~ == Dont think much, enjoy comes first.

The next day we went to Bondi Beach. I love beaches a lot as I love being near to the sea. I can see beautiful beach scenery, seagulls flying around in the deep blue sky, listen to the rythm of waves crashing onto the beach and so on.... nicekan ?

The picture below reminds me of Boston-Augustana. Just imagine there are heaps of piano along the beach, someone gets to play for u specially, wah............super romantic!!

End Post ~!

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