Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Trip to Jindabyne

This post suppose to write after coming back from the trip. I was too indolent or maybe really lack of the mood. But anyhow I'll still intend to post it.

Went for this trip for 3 days and 2 nights (29.6.2007---1.7.2007). We have to stop by Sydney to catch the coach bus at Central Station before heading to Jindabyne. And guess wat, it took us 6 hrs long to reach there. What else can we do in the bus? Besides watching movie- The Elf and of course sleeplah.

At first I thought Jindabyne located somewhere nearby Blue Mountain. Didn't know I was totally wrong. To my surprise, it located near to Canberra City. Jindabyne is actually a town in New South Wales that overlook Lake Jindabyne near to the Snowy Mountain in Snowy River Shire. It is popular for snow trip among visitors.

Day 1 -- Sydney/Jindabyne

Way to Sydney~~~

Pass through the renown Sydney Harbour Bridge

Wooh, Cool Louis Vuitton


At the Pancake on the rock.

Adorable Candles

Tempting Cupcakes but not edible.


Way to Jindabyne !!

We arrived snowy valley at about 11 plus night.

Day 2 - Jindabyne ( snow trip )

Kind of blurry.. cam not functioning well

Force to wake early in the morning and causes puffy eyes. Always happen to be like dat, normal case lor

View of lake Jindabyne. Is there any lake house around ?

There was a heavy snowfall.

--A short video clip--

Day 3 -- Jindabyne/Sydney

End of the trip
Back to Newcastle.

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