Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Blackbutt Reserve

It's been ages I havent update my blog. I have so much things to write about but I'm juz too lazy. As you can see my post is getting shorten and heapz of pictures are available. But who cares rite? I bet pictures attract more attentions.

I went blackbutt reserve which is a small park where will keep those protected animals. This trip happened to be on 13th/14th. Awhh, I cant really remember that clearly.

Well this trip nothing much, met few new friends and got to know a guy from Penang. I'm so glad.... haha least found a person who comes from the same hometown as me.

Blackbutt reserve dosent have much kinds of animals. But the only purpose for me was to see koalas which I longing to see them so much.

It's Emu

Here come my favorite Koala Bears !!!

Look at them, the way they sleep. I wonder they still manage to sleep on twigs with it's weight bout 6 kgs.

Photo session with koalas.

Cute, adorable. Aint it ?? Their fur are really soft, U would love to touch on them. I really wish I can have them as pet.

The Kangaroo

I love kangaroos as well. Too bad they stood so far from me. Dont really get to touch them. I wanted to see their jerseys in pouch, unfortunately I lose the chance. Maybe next time ~~

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