Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Welcome to my humble abode !

As I promised theng, to post my house pictures where I'm staying right now in aussie. Feel so sorry to u, always wanted to send u the pictures, but at that time, this freaky msn caused a lot of problems. Sowwie yea ~~ I'm sure ure kind enuf to forgive me geh

Here's the picture of my house (rented) in Newcastle. No fences/ gates around. This is how Newcastle's residential houses look like. Not more than 3 storey/ apartments I suppose.

That's the one!!

There is a mini car port right behind.

This is the street named University Drive. The on campus accommodation just located next to this street as well. Pretty quiet and oh yea no pollution at all.

Okay, at last, this is the picture of my study desk. Kinda messy, I know.

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