Monday, August 24, 2009

I love Spring n Spring loves me

Argh... my bad. I procrastinated my blog again. No choice, sometimes just feel reluctant to blog.
I have tonnes of pictures in my Sd card and dun even bother to upload them in facebook yet. My friends have been complaining to me, 'eh where's our picture ahhh??'
So sowwie bout that
and I know 'sorry has no cure'..

By the way I got my favorite high waist skirt. Weet! weet! It's mua lurve ! Shud I show it here ?? But I have no clue where shud I wear it to ....I'm totally glad to get the most tight fitting high waist skirt which I've been longing for. I got really small waist that causes me to have problem in finding Xtra Small skirt. At times, I saw really nice skirts/dresses around but I don't fit in any of them. Sienzz... blame on me ~ Spring/ Summer is coming soon ... hopefully there will be lots n lots of nice clothes out there.

That's it for a short update from me ...
Will try to update soon...

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