Monday, December 3, 2007

Hun Seang's birthday

Venue: Restaurant next to Naza Hotel + Penang Bowl
Date: 1st of December 2007

I dont want to delay this post as it's Hun Seang's 19th birthday. At last, he is 19 now..... I hope u have a great birthday party. I was surprised that it was your first proper celebration and birthday cake that you've awaited for. See........ how lucky are you to have us to celebrate your birthday. Haha. Before celebrating his birthday, we went for a movie in Gurney Plaza. We watched 'Enchanted'. The movie was great and it is a must to watch it. Overall, the movie is about prince and princess transformed from cartoon to a real world. It's a fairy tale movie possessed sweetness and romantically. I would rate it 10/10, no joke.

~ Pictures Time ~

The birthday boy------

Busy lighting up candles~

A must for a Bithday boy to go through the procedure~~

The group

The girls-----

And the guys----

Typical pose from him ~~

This is what u call 'yengness' by Wei Jie

~~End of late night~~


zWei said...

the restaurant beside naza hotel is called breeze cafe...hah

j-love said...

haha thanx for telling keke...

welovepenang said...

the best moment in life will always be when we are young.. no worry... no pressure... no work... no.... nothing...... just have fun.... and enjoy....

after start working.. everything stuck.....

happy to see all of u having a good time...

keep it up and enjoy....

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